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Its been a long time

meaning-of-life1If I had to say anything about anything it would be that the state of mankind is depressing. Now please don’t take that statement as in indication that I feel myself superior, I feel myself outside of the madness yet indubitably tied into it. I’m molded, coached and rehearsed like most:) However my brain has not stopped working For those that research and actually study history I speak to you. For those who choose truth and honesty I speak to you. I am speaking of those whose minds travel the globe in search of truth, discarding any preconceived notions, religions, political affiliations, social/economic paradigms. I am speaking to those that seek truth in all that they do, with little consideration for the personal change that may come.  I am speaking to those that recognize fundamentally that man is an ever changing organism, that must be studied, educated and experienced in this life.
My dissapoint begins with the current status of man. We live in a world of starvation, strife and war. We live in a world of hate, divide and propoganda. We live in a world where 80% of the news is negative and the masses feed on it. We live in a world where information is owned, manipulated and sold by the highest bidder to the highest bidder. How can the masses,those left out of the majority (whether you say 1% or 10%) ever attain their true purpose, their divine providence when they are owned by the faceless and the nameless. How can you seek truth and guidance when even the “church” has been bought and paid for?
Our banks, our medias, hell our railroads are owned by the elite. Your home, your bank account the roads you travel on are paid for by you and managed by them. I can spend 100 hours and a hundred pages explaining the means, but most if they choose to, can see the end. The masses “the feet” (very few will understand this reference, but so be it) will continue to clock in clock out, stay in perpetual debt, live check to check and salute the flag, kiss the ground, and chant God bless America. God as defined by all religions could not “bless” this union when it is in strict contradiction to the “bear fruit and mulitply” edict. Diapers cost. Your home will not be built by your own hands, nor will your elecricity be free. You will work for a master and receive a check. You will pay half your check to ensure you have shelter. You will spend another half paying for food and utilities. You will be told build your own wealth, but will be denied a loan. You will spend half your life working for others,ensuring the wealth of those that own you, and spend money for your financed vehicle to get there. You will be allowed land, but taxed out of reality. You will amass your own empire and be plagued by those who can cut the strings if you don’t do it “this way”
I have been quiet for a long time. I have much to say…but I am simply assembling my ingredients for my understanding has not begun to spray….

Im back.
Nina Davis


I should be shocked..but sadly I am not. Despite the fact that this is `2013 ( I am sure progressives in say 1894 screamed the same thing ” Its 1894″!) our revolution as people has obviously not progressed as fast as our technology. I can literally communicate with someone in a cave 7000 miles away, but in our super modern nation of “equality” rape is commonplace and ignored, murder of a child is ok if you’re “scared”, self proclaimed religious nuts want to dictate what goes on in a woman’s body and racism and sexism is the norm. 1% of the planet owning and controlling the rest of the planet? Yup that makes sense too. If there are aliens somewhere out there I’m sure they look down at us with pity and humor. Stupid humans…
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I am all for the rights of women. Period. Whether it be voting or contraception, the decision should rest squarely on the shoulders of the woman whose body is being affected. That being said I do have a problem with a teen being able to pop a very serious drug like candy. There has to be some restrictions on the use of this particular drug as most teenagers may not know the ramifications of taking a drug as potent as the morning after pill. I understand that many youth do not have an adult they can turn to, but a social worker, doctor, youth advocate, adult family member, someone should at least be required to be involved. Our children can’t just go pick up a prescription for Vicodin for a reason.
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The far rights mind set has not changed since the 1950’s. Its always been A- ok for a man to get snipped and fixed (and pretty much do what the heck he wants) but a married woman needs her husbands permission. At the same time what a woman chooses to do with HER body is open to debate discussion and regulation. Equal rights….hmmmm. Thats real equal. Oh and the fact that most anti-abortion fanatics dont want to spend a dollar of their own caring for the millions of unwanted children in the world just makes this issue even sillier. When will Congress ,the bible thumpers, and the out right crazies go home, shut up and sit down. What a human being chooses to do to their own body is their business. The end. You dont have to agree with the decisions people make but at the very least the ignorant and the “holier than thou” should be taught the definition of what “Rights”are. It means “My body, my problem.” I understand many people have strong feelings concerning what happens at the point of conception gives unborn children rights too….blah blah….Women are not hosts or pods, no one should have the right to determine what goes on inside of someone elses body, especially since the “host” has rights and the ultimate say so in the first place.
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The stings would make much more sense if they were actually deterring the theft of cell phones and other technology but it appears that it has not. Crime is still up, particularly robberies so perhaps the police should go back to the drawing board and find a better use of the millions of dollars they are wasting to give someone community service.
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You are so right NRA. There is no need for gun control. Guns dont kill people, people kill people. Too bad lethal weapons are so accessible…..to babies..
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Thank heavens I don’t live in the south. Since this is not a school sponsored event (It IS PROM!!!) that means that parents and other community members are supporting this wonderful tradition. “That’s right folks we have to let you go to school together but that doesn’t mean those people will dance with ours” Its sad when teenagers are far more evolved than their parents. I would move out of state before I allowed my child attend a school still stuck in 1960.
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