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At this point Im just waiting for August 3. The Democrats are not going to get the 1% of the population that historical­ly does NOT CREATE jobs in proportion to their tax cut to give up their fiscal rape nor are the Republican­s going to acknowledg­e their only loyalties lie with the extremely wealthy who lobbied them into office in the first place. The Red team swore jobs to overturn the majority two years ago and have yet to present a comprehens­ive plan at fixing this fiscal crisis besides protecting the wealthy. Period. The Democrats swore change at all costs and well they are still swearing. For all those Obama haters, remember MAJORITY vote, he can propose legislatio­n til the cows come home, but if cry baby Boehner and childish Cantor and their fellow cronies have their fingers in their ears and their pockets lined in corporate payoffs and country killing legislatio­n exactly what is expected to get done?
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